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Parenting Motherhood

he journey into motherhood can be one of the most exciting and daunting life transitions a woman will ever experience, especially for those expecting a baby for the first time. This pregnancy period will be a good time to learn about this new role that will bring the many challenges and adventures of motherhood and family life.

Everything changes

Change generally isn't always viewed as something good to many people. However, motherhood is an exceptional change in any woman's life. After the arrival of a baby, new mums would often agree that motherhood is the single most amazing experience of their life. It will amaze you how such a little person can evoke such deep emotions and bring such joy not only to your life but to everyone else's around.It's also the little things like your baby's smile which can make your heart melt or a painful cry that can break your heart that leaves you in a sense of wonderment. And in spite of the sleepless nights and worrying, there is a sense of fulfilment many new mums will agree to be experiencing; as actress Meryl Streep was quoted saying, "Motherhood has a very humanising effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials." Regardless of your role prior to motherhood – as a career woman or otherwise – you might notice that the tasks and goals you were once capable of becomes a distant memory; sometimes even becoming immaterial next to being a mum.

he scores of things to do and learn, like how to breastfeed, methods of settling a baby, how to change a nappy, what solids your child should eat, your baby's development stages, disciplining your child, etc will either seem like a nightmare or a steep learning curve. Yet when you realise that it's for another human being for whom you are fully responsible and who will love you unconditionally, motherhood will become your new and more fulfilling "career". What's also important to remember is that your relationships will change. With the attention equation turned upside down with another addition to the family, it will take some juggling on your part to reinforce your relationships with your partner, extended family and social circle too.

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