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Ms. Rajlaxmi Shukla

Anger Management ,Anxiety , Depression, Domestic Violence, Eating Disorders, Marital and Premarital Emotional Disorders.

Rajlaxmi shukla is an expert psychologist in depression , anxiety and psychological issues in pregnant ladies . She deals with adolescent counselling, as well as pre martial and marital counselling, parenting, motherhood counselling ,childcare, how to improve child psychology , counselling for new mothers. She also helps corporates on employee assistance program issues and does public speaking on workplace topics, stress management, and work life balance, critical incident stress debriefings. she uses an eclectic approach to give holistic outcomes and incorporates several techniques such as CBT(cognitive behaviour therapy) relaxation training, thought reduction and worry control which are tailored to individuals needs to ensure effectiveness. whether you are dealing with conflicted relationships, difficult to manages emotions, co-dependency,disordered , eating, indentity struggles, or simply feeling stuck in the past.

Professional Qualification

Registration ID-RCI-A53996

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